Energy Publications You Can Print

Montana's Historic Coal Production

Clean and Secure Energy
Tapping Montana's Power Potential

The Schweitzer Energy Policy.

New Technology
Alternative Energy from
Montana Coal

Montana’s approach to coal gasification and liquefaction.

Coal Country
Montana is Coal County

Selected Montana sites for advanced coal development.

Wind Country
Montana is Wind Country

Roping the wind for today's
power and tomorrow's energy solution. Montana’s approach
to wind development.

Montana is Biofuels Country

Developing biomass fuels for tomorrow’s energy.
Montana’s approach to ethanol and biodiesel.

Economic Development Presentation
Economic Growth Through Energy Development

A presentation for communities. Clean energy projects benefit Montana's economy and
national energy security.

Energy Maps
Energy Maps

Energy Resources, Major Pipelines, Transmission Lines, Highways and Railroads.


Governor Brian Schweitzer

One of Montana's most exciting economic growth potentials is energy development. Our world class energy resources—wind, oil & gas, bio-fuels, bio-mass, significant amounts of coal and more—are second to none in the United States and provide us with the opportunity to help the nation to wean itself from foreign oil while creating economic growth opportunities here in Montana.

Our addiction to foreign oil is of grave concern to all Americans and Montana is positioned to be a leader in breaking that addiction. We can provide a good share of the energy resources America needs in a manner that respects and protects the wild places that make Montana so special. We can use Montana resources to help break our addiction to foreign oil. We can and we will lead the way, and we want you to join our efforts.

Here is some information to help you understand why and how we are promoting energy security and clean development. Many of the documents are available in hard copy by contacting Governor's Office of Economic Development - Energy.

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