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Minimizing The Pain Of Criminal Justice

Our defense strategy always begins with the same idea - minimizing the pain that the conviction may bring.

  • Our first action is to have charges dismissed altogether, for lack of evidence.
  • If that is not possible, we seek to have the charges reduced from felony to misdemeanor level.
  • In the event of actual conviction, we fight to obtain alternate sentencing that allows the individual to remain free and, when necessary, seek treatment.

It is not possible to have zero pain from a criminal accusation. Just being accused hurts. But at J. Francisco Karwash, Attorney at Law, we apply great effort to minimizing the oppressive aspects of criminal justice.

Defense For Sexual Offenses · Identity Theft · Assistance With Expungement

Our clients are accused of just about every crime there is, from gang activity to probation violations to making drugs or cultivating pot to assault with a deadly weapon to child molestation.

Successful Alameda Sex Crime Attorney

People need strong advocates because oftentimes the government is unjust and dishonest. Police departments are made up of people who aren't always nice, who don't always tell the truth, and may ruin people's lives to make an arrest. The truth has only one defender - your defense attorney.

We represent every walk of life in our law practice - rich and not rich, young and old. Mostly our clients are ordinary working people who may have made a mistake, but are not "criminals" by any means. They are just everyday people with families to feed and bills to pay.

In many cases, charges are leveled because the pressures of life get to people. Being arrested takes people to the brink of anxiety and depression. Our job is to assist these people and, using knowledge of the law and experience in California courtrooms, pull them back from the brink.

Have you been charged with a crime? Help is at hand. Call Hayward criminal defense lawyer J. Francisco Karwash at 510-868-0774 or write him using this online form.

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