Hayward Lawyer for Restraining Orders

If you have had a restraining order placed against you, also known as a protective order, it is important to speak with a lawyer who can explain your legal options. At the law firm of J. Francisco Karwash, Attorney at Law, in Hayward, you will find an attorney who is dedicated to defending the rights of those facing criminal charges.

If you have questions regarding your restraining order in the Hayward area, contact the law firm online to schedule a consultation today.

Defense Against Protective Orders From a Passionate Fremont Area Attorney

Usually, restraining orders are tied to domestic violence charges in California. As a skilled criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Karwash understands all of the options available to you and has assisted numerous individuals through their domestic violence charges as well as the proceeding regarding the restraining order.

There are many instances when restraining orders are requested under false pretenses. Some individuals want to obtain an upper hand in a custody battle, others think they can obtain some financial gain from the situation. Whatever situation you are in, you can rely on attorney J. Francisco Karwash to thoroughly investigate your case and protect your rights at every turn.

Advantages to Having a Lawyer Represent You Through Your Restraining Order Hearing

There are many advantages to having a dedicated lawyer represent you at a restraining order hearing in Alameda County, including:

  • Having an early opportunity to cross-examine witnesses
  • Having an early opportunity to cross-examine the alleged victim/complaining witness
  • Obtaining a transcript taken under oath

The transcript taken at these hearings may later be used to negotiate with prosecutors or even have your restraining order dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Consult With an Experienced Restraining Order Lawyer

Contact attorney J. Francisco Karwash at 510-868-0774 if you have had a restraining order placed against you. He will answer your questions and lay all of your options for moving forward.

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