Sex Crimes

Being charged with a sex offense is a low point in anyone's life. Feelings of shame and disgrace mix with anger at being misunderstood and mistreated. Convicted individuals have trouble finding work and a place to live and must register as sex offenders. Even acquitted individuals carry the stigma of having done something with a sexual aspect.

Our job as your lawyer is to get you through this. Believe it or not, life will get better again.

Alameda County Sexual Battery Defense Attorney

Our law firm handles both felony and misdemeanor cases for both adults and juveniles. A common strategy is to have charges reduced from felonies to misdemeanors. This can be done quite often if cases are correctly argued. Attorney experience defending sexual offenses is the key.

Date Rape Defense in Hayward, California

Most people have the wrong idea about rape, that it is something that happens with a stranger in a dark alley. Unfortunately, the two people usually know each other, and the assault, if that is what it was, is about things getting out of hand and terrible communication.

At J. Francisco Karwash, Attorney at Law, we defend individuals accused of felony rape, sexual battery, sexual assault, spousal rape and child molestation. We also defend persons charged with misdemeanors such as unlawful sex with a minor, lewd conduct and indecent exposure.

East Bay Minors Accused Of Sexual Offenses

Many sex crimes are tried in juvenile court, but conviction even on that level can have ill effects on your child. It is not right that government label minors as sexual deviants. Your child is not sick. Children are too young to understand what they are getting into, much less the consequences of their exploration.

When sex crimes such as child pornography are tried in federal court, the situation is more serious. Again, the greatest advantage you can have is a skilled lawyer who is experienced with federal criminal cases.

Have you been charged with a crime? Help is at hand. Call Hayward sex crime attorney J. Francisco Karwash at 510-868-0774, or write him using this online form.

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