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- Bingo Chat Etiquette - learn what and what not to do. -
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- Bingo chat etiquette -

Etiquette is the name for the code of rules governing socially acceptable behavior. These codes may vary from place to place, because of differing customs. All cultures around the world have developed forms of etiquette which are used to safeguard against conflict in social interactions.

There are special kinds of etiquette such as Poker Etiquette or Golf Etiquette which have special rules relating to their disciplines. In modern western etiquette, we are instructed to greet friends and strangers with warmth, respect and hospitality. We should not talk loud in public and avoid disturbing others with loud music or noise. We should arrive on time etc. Since etiquette is dependent on culture, we may be shocked in another culture.

Because modern culture is evolving, new forms of etiquette are constantly developing when needed. We have all been irritated when the fellow sitting next to you in the theatre answers his cellular and loudly continues with his long conversation oblivious to those around him. Or the never ending spam messages overflowing our email inbox... this is also a lack of consideration. The new electronic methods of communication have brought on a need for etiquette. These new rules are sometimes called Netiquette which are the set of formal and informal rules of behavior that have evolved in cyberspace, such as chat, blogs, e-mail, Facebook, etc.

Bingo Chat Etiquette

Bingo Chat Etiquette is almost identical to Chat Etiquette. The following rules should be followed while participating in a chat room.

When choosing a nickname it is important that it not be offensive. It should not be ethnic or racial, includes foul language or words with sexual connotations.

You should not type in all CAPS as it is considered to be shouting. If you want to call special attention to a word, use an (*) in front of it. All caps are sometimes reserved for use by the Chat Master.

Be respectful to other players and the Chat Master. Try not to force your own views on others and remember that everyone it there for a pleasant experience. Be friendly and welcome newcomers with warmth and respect.

Never impersonate others, gossip about others, solicit money or advertise in chat rooms.

Congratulate other players when they win and be joyful of their success.

Always remember that the players are from different walks of life and therefore care must be taken not to offend anyone.

Chat helpers

Emotion icons

Because while chatting you cannot read body english or hear voice tones, Emotion Icons were invented to communicate these unseen signals. Some of these icons are:

:) — Smile
;) - Wink
:-( - Unhappy


Sometimes there is no Emotion Icon to represent an action or emotion, Actions were invented to come to the rescue. These actions should be shown between (*). Shown below are some of these actions.

*lol* - Laughing out loud
*k* - Kiss
*vwg* - Very wicked grin


An acronym is a word from from the initial letter of a name such as BLNT (Better Luck Next Time). It is a method used in chat to cut down on typing. Some examples are shown below:

asap - As soon as possible
gle - Good luck everyone
tyvm - Thank you very much

You are now ready to start chatting so get ready to make lots of new friends and GL :)

If you need more information about Bingo specific acronyms, Acronyms, Actions and Emotion icons, go here.

Previous Thank you for enrolling in Bingo U, we hope you learned a lot.

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