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There are two types of bingo played online, and in bingo halls around the world. In the UK, Europe, Australia and parts of South America 90 ball bingo using a 9x3 card is common. In North America 75 ball bingo using a 5x5 card with the center marked 'FREE' is the norm. Here we are going describe how to play 75 ball bingo. Keep in mind that the rules may differ slightly between online bingo web sites.

The Bingo Card

The 75 ball bingo card is a 5 by 5 grid of numbers with the letters B-I-N-G-O at the top of each column. Each column contains 5 numbers within a given range. In the middle of the grid in the N column and 3 lines down, there is a FREE cell. This cell is automatically highlighted and counts as a legitimate cell in a winning pattern.


There is a variety of different winning patterns which makes the game so interesting. The common ones are:

  • Single line down
  • Single line across
  • Four corners
  • Diagonal line

The current pattern being played is always indicated on the computer screen with other information such as the prize and game stats information.

Selecting/Purchasing cards

Select the card or cards you want by clicking once anywhere on the face of the card and complete the purchase by pushing the 'BUY' button. You must purchase at least one card in order to participate in a game. To de-select a card, click on each selected ticket. If you don't like the numbers of the cards shown, you can click on 'Get New Cards' to display a new set of cards to choose from.

Game time everyone!

If the bingo caller calls a number that the player has, the player then daubs every cell on their card(s) with the matching number. In order to win the daubed numbers on a bingo card must form a specific pattern, which is displayed on the screen. The player who completes the winning pattern wins.

Helper options

Some bingo web sites have bells and whistles that make the game easier such as a 'Quick Buy' button that allows you to instantly buy 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 or MAX which allows you to buy the maximum number of cards.

  • Sound on/off: Controls the callers voice
  • Auto-daub: Daubs the numbers as they are being called automatically
  • Auto-bingo: To call BINGO automatically when you win.
  • Auto-wager: Allows you to keep wagering and playing while you are busy doing something else
  • Cards: To play, you will need to purchase bingo cards. Just click on 'CARDS' to choose to play from (1) to about (30) cards
  • Help: Will display the Official Rules
  • Call: Shows all the numbers that have been called for the game in progress. The number currently being called is displayed larger somewhere on the screen.

Chat while you play

Most bingo players enjoy chatting with other players while playing. To do so, just type a message in the chat bar and then press enter. You may want to review Bingo Chat Acronyms or Bingo Chat Etiquette to brush up on the 'Shorthand' method of communicating with your fellow players.

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Newer bingo games in the United Kingdom

30 Ball Bingo or Speed Bingo

  • Card: 3 x 3 card with 9 squares.
  • Game description: Thirty balls are called. A Full House covering all the numbers is the only way to win.
  • Advantages: The game goes at a faster pace than 75 or 90 Ball Bingo.
  • Disadvantages: No alternative patterns are offered.
  • Current online bingo sites that offer the game: Bingo Playground, Bingo Magix, Gone Bingo, Harrys Bingo, House of Bingo and Mira Bingo.

80 Ball Bingo

  • Card: Instead of a normal card, a 4 row by 4 column, board is used. Each column is a different color. The shutter board is marked by opening or closing slides on the board. In online bingo the board is marked with a darker shade of color.
  • Game description: The game has not have a free space as does 75 ball bingo but offers a variety of patterns.
  • Advantages: Faster pace than 90 ball bingo.
  • Disadvantages: Slower than 75 ball bingo. Variety of patterns are limited. Current online bingo sites that offer the game: Bet365 Bingo, Bingo.com, Gala Bingo, Ladbrokers Bingo, Sun Bingo and Tombola.

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