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    1. We recommend wecomparebrokers to find a forex broker Our goal is to find stocks that can move fast and present them to you. We find these opportunities mostly with penny stocks, though sometimes we find good plays in Nasdaq, NYSE and other markets. Our blog section has a daily discussion of penny stocks that are on the move and our market scan delivers charts, news releases and other information for any valid stock symbol.


    1. How do we do it? We prowl the markets for stocks with unusual trading activity, such as disruptive announcements, large spikes in volume, insider buying, merger rumors, or perhaps large promotions/momos under way. We have a large network of traders, industry players, message board jockeys, and promoters that work with us. We pick big winners consistently. Sign up and see for yourself.


    1. Our eventual goal is to make money by charging a yet to be determined fee for our penny stock picks. Until then we want to build a following, show we are real, and prove we give you winners. So for now, signing up to our alerts is free and we will likely reward those who signup now by grandfathering them in whenever we do start charging. Welcome to profitfrompennystocks.com!