By taking your own measurements you will be able to receive price quotes without having anyone come out to you home. You also will be able to get quotes from several different companies based on the exact same measurements. Please be aware they will treat your measurements as a draft. The granite contractor will have to come out and take actual measurements when you are ready to move forward with the granite job.

Preparing to Measure:

Draw a diagram of your kitchen. It doesn't need to be to scale but make sure all surfaces and edges are represented so you have a place to record each measurement.

Taking the measurements:

When you are taking measurements, make sure to measure from the wall out to the end of the countertop. (Not from the backsplash to the end of the countertop) Failing to do so will result in an inaccurate measurement by at least 1".

When you are marking your drawing, make sure to include where your current edging is on the countertop. Use symbolic marks for your edging and backsplash, and provide a key to let the contractor know what each symbol means. Use "X" to show where you want your highly polished edging. (see diagram below for a detailed example)

When taking the measurements for the backsplash, take into consideration the thickness of your current countertops. In most cases if you are going from Formica to granite you will want to add one inch to your backsplash height. Formica is usually thicker than 1 ¼" granite, your granite will sit lower. You will want to add the inch to make up the difference between your old countertop backsplash and the new granite countertop backsplash. Make a note for your contractor on the diagram (see diagram below for a detailed example)


You can estimate where the seams will be after you draw out your countertop on paper and take all the measurements. On average granite slabs are 120" long by 60" wide. Some granite slabs are bigger and some are smaller, keep that in mind. To be sure, it is best to plan the seams after you Have confirmed your granite selection. Some granite is directional. Meaning that the pattern flows in one direction. Your seams may have to be moved because of the directional pattern of your slab.


If you are measuring for a circle, curved, or diagonal piece, measure to the furthest points and treat it as if it was a square or rectangle and write down those measurements.


Figuring Square and Lineal Footage

Square feet

Square feet refers to how many square feet of granite there will be, this will include your countertops and backsplash.

To get square feet you will use the following formula:

Width in inches * (multiply by) Length in inches / (divided by)144 then rounded to the closest whole number

So if you were to calculate the measurements in the diagram above you would do so like this:

97" * 25 / 144 = 16.84 rounded up to 17 Square Feet
81"* 25"/ 144 =  14.06 rounded down to 14 Square Feet
24" * 25"/ 144 =  4.17 rounded down to 4 Square Feet
30" * 36"/ 144 =  7.50 rounded up to 8 Square Feet
97" * 4"/ 144 =  2.71 rounded up to 3 Square Feet
105.5" * 4"/ 144 =  2.93 rounded up to 3 Square Feet
24" * 4"/ 144 =  .67 rounded up to 1 Square Feet

Add those up and you arrive at a grand total of 50 square feet.


Lineal feet

Lineal feet refers to how many feet of polished edges there will be, this will only include your countertops and NOT your backsplashes.

To get lineal feet you will use the following formula:

The sum of all edges/ (divided by) 12" then rounded to the nearest whole number

So if you were to calculate the measurements in the diagram above you would do so like this:
25"+ 72"+ 81"+ 24"+ 25"+30"+30"+36"+36"=359"
Take 359"/12" then round to the nearest whole number to get a grand total of 30 lineal feet.

Always start with the piece that is to the right of the sink and then work your way around the kitchen clockwise, this will help you include all edges and prevent you from measuring something twice. Be sure to add all FOUR edges of the island to get an accurate total.

****Please note, most granite companies include the lineal foot of edging for the backsplash. So don't include this unless you know they charge for the polishing of the backsplash.****

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