How To Seal Your Granite Countertop Properly

Tools needed to seal your countertop. You will be able to find the products you need at the bottom of this page.

Granite wax
000 Steel wool
Granite Cleaner
Small towel

First purchase the proper granite wax for your countertop. 

If you have a light color countertop you will want to use a clear wax.  If you have a dark colored countertop you will want to use the black granite wax.

If you have a mix between a dark color and light color granite it is always best to choose the clear granite wax. If you put the black wax on a light color granite it will darken the granite or leave black traces of wax.  Clear wax can be used on any color granite.  Be careful when using black wax, it will usually stain your clothing.

You will want to clean your granite countertop of all debris and items.  Use a granite cleaner.

Apply a small amount of wax to your towel and rub it into the granite. Just like you would wax a car in a circular motion.  Apply to the entire countertop.

Let it sit for a while to soak in.  Minimum 10 minutes, the longer you leave it the better. I know some people that leave it on over night.  I don't know if it really makes that big of a difference.

Next pull your steel wool out and use the steel wool to remove the wax.  The steel wool clogs up quickly.  So you will want to flip it over and use every side that you can.  I normally use the first few pieces of steel wool until it can not hold any more wax.  As the wax is removed you will want to change the steel wool more often so you don't end up replying the wax that is held by the steel wool.  You want to make sure all the wax is removed from the countertop.

The easiest way to see if it is removed is to look at the reflection of a light in the granite.  If the light image is not clear you still have wax on the granite.

Once the wax is removed you are done.

If your countertop is used often this should be done every 6 months.  If you have low usage of the countertop you can do it once a year or whenever it is looking dull.  I really like to wax my granite countertop the day before I have any type of party at my house.  I just love how the countertop looks right after it is waxed.

This can take a while to do and is not easy on your arms.  You will have to push on the steel wool to be able to remove the wax.  It is best to let the professionals do this if possible.

Do not use car wax. It will not shine like it is supposed to and it is not made to protect your granite like a granite wax.

Make sure you read and follow the instructions on the granite wax you purchase.  As it may have different instructions and a warning label.


Here are the products you will need to wax your granite countertop.

Use the clear wax for light colored granite countertops

Use the black wax for black and very dark color granites


Steel Wool


Put your gloves on


Granite Cleaner


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