How can I get a granite countertop without spending alot of money?

The best way to save money when ordering granite is to order 3/4" or 2cm granite. Since the granite is thinner it is less expensive but with the same quality's as 1 ¼ " granite. If you want it to appear thicker you can even have the granite laminated. When you have it laminated it will look as if the granite is 1 ¼" thick. By ordering 3/4" thick granite you save money while still having the luxury of granite countertops.

Can I have a larger countertop than I currently have without buying new cabinets?

If you want a larger countertop without the hassle of buying new or larger cabinets, all you have to do is pull the cabinets away from the wall to the desired length and get a larger countertop. So lets say you have 24" cabinets now and you want a 28" wide countertop, just pull out your cabinets 4" away from the wall and secure them there. You will have to order some extra panels (or filler pieces) for the ends of the cabinets so the 4" gap won't be visible. The extra panels will be far cheaper than ordering new cabinets.

Can I use a knife to cut on my countertops?

Eventhough you can, you should not. It will usually dull your knives very quickly. Some knives will leave a mark on the granite. Like chalk on a chalkboard, the marks will not permanently damage the granite, but they can be very hard to get rid of. So it is best not to cut on it.

How can I pick the right color of granite for my home?

Think of a color that will match your walls and cabinets. Get a color wheel to help you pick colors of granite. You will want to pick a color that will match or contrast with your walls, floors and cabinets.

I have a chip in my granite/ marble can this be fixed?

Yes. A trained professional can come out and put a two part epoxy in the chip. They will be able to match the color of the granite by adding a coloring compound along with adding stone dust to help camoflage the chip.

I just picked up a new cook top or drop in sink and the hole in the granite is too small for it. How do in enlarge the hole without damaging the granite?

Call a pro out for the job. Why chance breaking the granite? Or risk injuring yourself or others? Granite is usually cut with water, and rarely cut dry. You need special equipment to cut granite.If you were to try and cut the granite with water you could damage your home, if you try to cut it dry, it could result in respiratory problems for anyone not properly protected from the dust. A professional has all the equipment needed to safely enlarge the sink hole without damaging the granite.

How to clean your granite countertops.

While you are working in the kitchen, if you take care to wipe the countertop with a clean absorbent cotton cloth – just the area that is in use, you can maintain the countertop's appearance. The best way to clean a granite countertop is to purchase a granite cleaner that is approved for granite countertops. You will be able to find granite cleaning products at your local hardware store. Or a mixture of one part white vinegar and two parts water will not damage the granite and is environmentally friendly, and economical.

What can harm my new granite countertops?

Lemon and lime juice and other citric acids. Lemon and lime juice is not known to leave a marks on all granite, however, wiping any lemon or lime juice residue as soon as possible is a good precautionary measure.


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